Get outside and hit the trails!

Hello Everyone!

The weather has been amazing lately!  I hope you have been taking some time to get outdoors everyday for some exercise and relaxation.  

If you are feeling the same way as my family, you can't wait to find an excuse to get out the house right now.  We have been walking, jogging and riding our bikes all over our surrounding neighborhoods. Our favorite part is when we can ride our bikes into the wooded trails.  We are lucky enough to have two small sets of trails within walking distance of our house. These trails aren't much but it is just enough to transport us away from city/suburban life.  When we come back home, everyone is at ease.  We are all smiling and have forgotten all of the days frustrations that surround home schooling

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you are in the woods?  I learned recently that the Japanese have a word for this activity.  It is called" Forest Bathing".  Forest bathing is simply losing yourself in the forest while you enjoy the sounds, scents, fresh air and vegetation that surrounds you.  The great news is that anyone can do it!  You can forest bathe while you run through the woods or just sit on a log.  And the benefits go far beyond the obvious, which are fresh air and exercise. 

Forest Bathing, or just being in nature has been shown to:

1) Boost the immune system

2) Reduce Stress

3) Help with Depression

4) Make your brain work better and help with focus

5) Lower Blood Pressure

6) Assist in Weight loss

7) Reduce Loneliness

In these current times of social distancing, we could all use some help with everything on this list!  You don't even have to be totally in the woods to reap the benefits either.  Just find a place with lots of trees and nature smells and sounds.  

Hope to see you on the trails!


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