Fitness Challenge #3

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Today is fine tuning day. 

Go outside and get your cardio in.  While you are walking or running, add some lateral  movement ( side to side). 

Try 3 sets of 15-20 side ssteps or shuffles spaced out during your workout.  If you are familiar with our Balance Walking series, throw that in as well.  Your cardio workout should have you moving in many different directions today.  When you return, do any of the exercises that you typically do for "therapy".  These may include things like:

-Straight leg lifts

-arm circles

-Wrist curls with Dumbbells

-Rotator cuff exercises

Other good ones to add on a fine tuning day are:


-Spinal Twist

-Bird Dogs

-Spinal Stabilization work

-Foam roll exercises

-Bicep curls and Tricep Presses

Choose 3-5 of the above exercises for 2 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Tomorrow, work on Balance.  Think of the balance exercises we work on.  Standing on one leg for 1 minute, standing bird dogs, single leg lateral lean with lateral leg lift.

Part of my mission is to help you but to also be balanced. I will break tomorrow from Just Workout activities, to spend the day with my family. It has been a very consuming and difficult week and I need to regain focus. I miss seeing all of you but am so inspired by your responses to me about continuing our goals.

If you are a client, or someone new to our community, and need to reach out to me for help, please do!  


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